The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened to Me.........

  is married to this guy.

After knowing him, he had taught me everything about Islam.
No, it is not that I don't know anything about Islam.
I just have a little knowledge about it.
Allah gave me this guy to teach me more about Islam.
Thank you Allah.
No words to describe how much I love him.
I wanna be in Jannah together with you.

P/S: To someone who says that my ex is better than him. You are wrong dude! They are all LOSERS. Everyone that is related to my past are LOSERS. Sudah2 la tu dengan ayat fitnah kau nak menghancurkan rumahtangga aku.


To my dearest Abdul Hakim Ahmad Shahaili.....

I love youuuuuuuu my husbanddddddd.